Performed with:

Al Hirt, trumpet

Arnie Lawrence, reeds

Barney Kessel, guitar  

Benny Powell, trombone

Benny Waters, reeds

Bill Bickford,  guitar

Bill Easley, reeds

Billy Drummond, drums

Billy Mitchell, reeds

Billy Kaye, drums

Bob Kindred, reeds

Bob Mover, reeds

Bobby Enriquez, piano

Bryan Carrott, vibes

Carmine Marino, guitar, vocal

Charlie Byrd, guitar  

the Chimes, vocal group

Claude Williams, violin

Connie Parker, vocal & piano

Consuela Lee Moorhead, piano

Chris Potter, reeds, piano, drums

Dave Dana, guitar

Dave Lalama, piano

Danny Mixon, piano

Dave Pike, vibes

David Hazeltine, piano

Diana Ross & the Supremes

Dennis Mooreman, piano

Dennis Wilson, trombone

Dom Salvador, piano

Donn Trennor, piano

Donald Smith, piano

Earl Swanson, reeds

Earl Williams, drums

Ed Pazant, reeds

Eddie Gladden, drums

Eliot Zigmund, drums  

The Four Lads, vocal group

Frank Gant, drums

Gilberto Puente, guitar

Gilly Coggins, piano

Ira Sullivan, reeds, trumpet

Harold Mabern, piano

Howard Curtis, drums


Jackie Williams, drums

Jackie Wilson, vocal

Jacqueline Jones, vocal  

Jerry Weldon, reeds

Jim Barbour, drums, vibes

Joe Ascione, drums

Joe Corsello, drums

Joe Knight, piano

Joe (the Camel) Jones, piano, B-3

John Fahnsworth, reeds, trombone

Johnny Long, vocal

Joe McWilliams, piano

Junior Mance, piano

Karen Briggs, violin

Ken Hatfield, guitar

Keisha Saint Joan, vocal

Little Eva, vocal

Mark Templeton, piano

Maydie Myles, vocal

Mousey Alexander, drums

Myrna Lake, vocal

Paul Bollenbeck, guitar

Percy Bryce, drums

The Platters, vocal group

Poe, vocal

Ralph Lalama, reeds

Ray Montera, conga

Rahn Burton, piano

Ron Affif, guitar

Ron Free, drums

Ron Jackson, guitar

the Russ Carlyle Orchestra

Russell House, reeds

Sarah Jane Cion, piano

Stan Hope, piano

Steve Wilson, reeds

Terri Thorton, vocal & piano

the Spirit of Life Orchestra 

Tootsie Bean, drums  

Vanderlei Pereira, drums

Vaughn Monroe, vocal

Victor "Babu" Samuel, steel pan, drums

Walter Perkins, drums  


Jazz Festivals


Hampton Virginia Kool Jazz Festival '73-'80

Orlando Florida Jazz Festival '88

Coco Beach Florida Jazz Festival '91

Hilton Head South Carolina Jazz Festival '88-'92

Piccolo/Spoleto Arts Festival, Charleston South Carolina

'89-'92 East Village Jazz Festival, NYC '96

JVC NYC Jazz Festival 97


Music Studies


Joe (the Camel) Jones  '71-'94
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA  '74-'75 
Hampton University '76-'77
Arnie Lawrence
Billy Mitchell
Delbert Felix
Cecil McBee
Victor Gaskin
Santi Debriano
Mike Richmond  





Young Audiences (Virginia) '85-'89 Private instruction

1997-98 Arts In Education Jazz Series with The Rhythm Kings]

The Jazz Foundation, NYC '96-'01


Clubs / Venues


21 Club, NYC

55 Bar, NYC 

Augie's, NYC  

Lenox Lounge, NYC

Local 802, American Federation of Musicians

Lotos Club, NYC

Metropolis Cafe, NYC 

Nuyorican Poet's Cafe, NYC 

NY Athletic Club 

Omni Hotel, Charleston, SC 

Omni Hotel, Norfolk, VA 

Omni Hotel, Orlando, FL 

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines


Saint Nick's Pub, NYC

Sidewalk Cafe, NYC

Sign of the Dove, NYC

Sonny's Place, LI 

Sweet Basil's, NYC   

Tatou, NYC

Tavern on the Green, NYC


The Jazz Foundation, NYC

The Supper Club, NYC

Top of the Dunes, Las Vegas   

Water's Edge, NYC


Recording / Broadcast


In Harmony, Strata-East Records Weldon Irvine with Joe Jones 1980 Reissued on CD / LuvNHaight label, SF, CA 1993

WKCR with Benny Waters (Phil Schaaf Show) 12/12/94

It's Never Too Late, SeoulTrain, Gary Hwang, vocals, Billy Kaye, drums, Rahn Burton, piano

Once More, With Feeling, Joe Bataglia's New York Big Band, 1998